Monday, February 16, 2009

15 years and 15 reasons

Today, my best friend and I have been a couple for 15 years! These are 15 reasons why I love him with every part of my being.

  1. Nobody else can make me love as much, laugh as hard, fight as strong.
  2. He has given me the greatest gift, the gift of life. 5 beautiful children.
  3. When I´m feeling down, even if it´s because of him, there´s still noone else I´d rather be with.
  4. He always gives me his last piece of Rolo :)
  5. He walks a mile in the pooring rain to get me cookies and milk.
  6. He doesn´t get jelous of my love for Mickey (that counts for a lot).
  7. He is an amazing dad to our kids.
  8. He cleans the dog poop in our garden.
  9. He can come up with even crazier travel plans than mine.
  10. He always treats me like I´m the only girl in a room, even when I´m not ;)
  11. He will give me a foot or back rub whenever needed, or wanted!
  12. He helps the kids with math, knowing I´d rather go to the dentist.
  13. He tells me my homemade jam is even better than his mom´s!
  14. He will let me sleep in every weekend.
  15. He has held my hand through one c-section, four child births, 1 miscarriage and the death of my mother. He knows my dreams and disapointments, has me in awe and admiration and is the love of my life.


  1. I don't know how I did it, it certainly wasn't my hair due, but I feel the luckiest guy on Earth catching you 15 years ago. You're the best thing that ever happened to me :)

    Thank you for 15 fantastic and adventurous years. I look forward to many more :)

    Happy hubby

  2. He even steps in the poo from his bed for you I recently learned from his tweets:-)

  3. You guys, this is beautiful! I wish you both a lifetime more together.

    My husband and I will celebrate 15 years in August (10 years married), and we, too, feel much the same as when we first fell in love. Perhaps, though, a little wiser :).

    Here's to beating all the odds and being happy!